Starbucks Job Application Form and Information

Positions to Apply

Starbucks job application form is a beginning of your great career. When you hear about Starbucks, what is in your mind? Many people will say coffee. Why don’t you say think about career opportunities? Starbucks is one of the most popular coffee brands in the world. As a big company of course it needs a lot of potential employees to work with. There two working area, retail positions and management positions. Retail positions are intended for people who are interested to have a job as a barista. This position is the face of Starbucks because baristas serve customers directly. Apart from barista, there is also another position in retail area that can be applied that is shift supervisors. They are expert baristas who supervise the work of the baristas. As a barista you should know how to prepare and serve coffee beverages. Of course, a barista should know the different kinds of coffee beverages recipes. If you apply for this position and you are accepted, there will be training on how to be a professional barista in Starbucks. In the training, candidates learn about different coffee profiles of Starbucks. They are blonde, medium, dark roast, flavored, and seasonal favorites. All of them are exceptional, rare and appetizing. You will also learn how to serve costumer is a great manner. Another working area is management positions. There are four positions in management area that include assistant store managers, store managers, district managers, and regional directors. Through Starbucks online application, you can apply for those positions.

Employee Benefits

Downloading Starbucks job application form and sending it back is the very first step to have an opportunity to develop a career and enjoy the employee benefits. By working here, you will receive a competitive salary. A barista, for example, will get at least $12 per hour including tips from costumers. There are also many types of insurance that the employees can get such as life insurance, health insurance (including dental and vision), and disability insurance. A variety of bonuses is also rewarded for the employees. In addition, they can take paid time off that can be used for vacation, maternity, etc. Furthermore, employees are entitled for retirement saving plans. Do you love coffee? Employees can have a weekly free pound of coffee.


Opportunity for Career Advancement

Apart from the benefits, employees also need what is called by career advancement. Life is dynamic and working at Starbucks is too. People work here not only to gain the salary but also to obtain self-satisfaction. They will improve both skills and knowledge to achieve higher positions. That is why all employees are always motivated to work. It is because many things ahead are waiting to be obtained. This is also the reason why employees keep continuing their career with Starbucks. The company is really a great place to explore your career further. If you are interested working here, you should download the Starbucks job application form. The Starbucks application pdf form can be downloaded freely.


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