Stage Online Application and Career Opportunities

Corporate positions

Have you ever heard Stage online application? Stage Stores Inc. is one of leading retails in America. In the nation, there have been more than 800 stores in 40 states which the headquarters is located in Houston, Texas. This company does not only provide a wide selection of apparels, cosmetics, footwear, and accessories in popular brand name for the people in 20 states across the US but Stage also provide working place for more than 13,000 people across the world. The number of people working here is increasing as this company is greatly developing.

There are four career areas in Stage Stores. One of them is corporate positions. Positions in this department include communications coordinators, regional coordinator of visual merchandise presentation, associate buyer, cosmetic regional, district manager, real estate analyst, property administrator, and many more. Stage stores employment really offer countless exciting career in retail.

Store management positions

Store management department is another area of Stage department store careers. Just like in corporate department, there are various positions available here. At this moment, there are loads of job openings for supervisor position. This position belongs to the store management department.

If you are interested to become supervisor, there is a list of requirements you should meet. Supervisor is a high level position. In order to be qualified for this position, you should have adequate experience is retail managements. The supervisor plays double roles as a sales associate and a key carrier. For the summary of responsibility, you can check the website. All the jobs in all departments require Stage online application. Please be informed about job posting updates because job listings are always updated.

Sales associate positions

Sales associate positions are open in many Stage Stores. This department also include the position of store visual coordinator. This position is responsible to check at the store corporate visual and merchandising orders whether they are properly executed or not.

Meanwhile, sales associate work on different areas that include costumer service, personal productivity, loss prevention, credit, merchandise presentation, and more importantly store operations. Because of that, they should build good interaction not only with customers but also other associates from other departments.

Counter managers/beauty advisors

In counter managers/beauty advisors department, there are also some positions to apply such as beauty bar beauty advisor and clinic beauty advisors. These positions belong to part time positions. As a beauty advisor, you have some responsibilities. The main duties include demonstrating all lines of products, maintaining fixtures, planning and taking part in daily events, and the like. You should report your work to the store manager. In order to perform the work well, you should be knowledgeable about products being sold. Developing good relationship with customers and having aggressive selling skills are very important because you serve them directly in demonstrating products and giving beauty advice. Those who have sales experience and ability to perform makeovers are preferable. Stage online application can be proceed from by searching jobs, selecting the one you want, clicking ‘apply’, and following the instruction.


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    Stage Online Application and Career Opportunities

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