Roses Job Application for Department Stores Careers

About Roses Store Jobs

You must be familiar with Roses job application. It is merely because there are almost 300 stores in the nation, predominantly in Georgia, Virginia, South, and North Caroline. Roses Department Stores is a leading industry which competes with Walmart and Kmart. In 1997, the company was purchased by Variety Wholesalers Inc.

There are loads of jobs that you can apply in Roses or Variety Wholesalers stores. Information on job openings can be accessed from or from Variety Wholesalers for internal posting jobs. At least there are five categories of Roses Department Store jobs such as retail, management, customer services, sales, and warehouse.

Unlike other retail stores, not all jobs are open online. Jobs which are open online for public are only store manager and assistant manager position. Both are full time jobs. Right now Roses his hiring some store managers and assistant store managers in several store locations either for existing stores or new stores. Store managers are responsible mainly for managing the store operations to ensure that the store can achieve efficient profits. In order to do all jobs, store managers are helped by their assistant. Both store managers and assistant store managers require high school diploma and 3-4 years experiences in retail management. They should also have strong leadership and communication skills.

Salary and Benefits

You must be curious about how much salary you will get from working at Roses Department Stores. The salary in Roses Department Stores is more or less the same as other general merchandise stores. You may be interested in Roses job application if you know the salary offered by the company. For manager position, the average salary is $50 per hour. Moreover, the average salary for supply coordinator is $30. Meanwhile the assistant manager will receive approximately $28. For entry levels jobs such as customer service representative and cashier, the salary is $14 per hour. What do you think about it? Besides, employees will also be given some benefits that include 401k retirement plan, annual bonus for eligible management, health benefits, life insurance, paid holidays, vacation and sick pay.

How to apply

As mentioned formerly, you can apply for Roses careers from Select your preferred jobs and you can directly apply online if you think you meet the requirements. Sending application from this job seeker site is very simple. You will be asked to fill out personal information form first name, last name, and email address. Make sure you type the right email address because any notification will be send to your email.

Then, you should upload your resume. You can download the resume format in PDF form from Variety Wholesalers website. After your resume is successfully aploaded, you can click ‘send’. In Variety Wholesalers website, you will also get information on some job openings. From this site, job cannot be applied online but you should send your application and resume via post, email, or fax to the contact information provided. Not all jobs are open for public. Some jobs are addressed for employees internally. If you have friends or family, you can ask information about this from them so you can be informed of the Roses job application.




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    • Jim Cash says:

      Feel free to call me my name is Jim J Cash
      Phone number is 540-910-3319 i will be looking for a lawyer if me and my wife don’t work thing’s out over this matter because i don’t no who to believe on the hole thing with the manager walking her to her car and standing and talking to her about work if she was not on y’all time. I feel he was trying to get in her pants and she did not know what to say or how to tell me

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  12. I’ve tried to get on the website for Roses so I could apply for an application. I could not. It did pop up at all, it was a blank screen. I truly like to apply for your department store. I do not understand when people applying for the company, there are problems. Please solve the issue so myself and other people could apply. Thank you.

  13. wandabonner says:

    I’m trying to apply to Roses for a job But i can not find the application could some one please tell me there to go thank you

  14. sharonneladle says:

    to apply for Roses try

  15. I find that trying to put in an application is a big joke. I would like to have a job so I can eat as the government thinks I can eat on $15.00 a month. I am able to walk to the Roses that is close to my house. I really need a job..can you please help me

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