Forman Mills Job Application and Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Forman Mills job application offer career opportunities in regional retail company. Forman Mills is a fashion retail company which stores are located in 30 different locations in 9 states. The newest one which has been already open is in Cleveland Ohio. The store will be not the last one as Forman Mills is a dynamically growing business that will always continue its vision.

Forman Mills stores provide great fashions that include women, men, and junior fashions at the great prices so that consumers with medium and even lower income can enjoy shopping here. There are a wide selection of all the famous and most modern brands that are suitable with everyone’s budget and lifestyle.

As stated previously, Forman Mills is not only a great place to shop for trendy goods and merchandises but also for pursuing careers. Forman Mills careers are intended for those who have eagerness to excel, a devotion to deliver the best service for the underserved communities, and a motivation to make improvement. If you want to make a mind-blowing career growth, Forman Mills can be your launch pad. Create a new application now for working in fast emerging chain of factory depot superstores.

Corporate Office Careers

Forman Mills jobs can create talented retail professionals in a number of fields. You should prepare your Forman Mills job application because at this moment there are some positions available. Those who like to work in corporate office can apply for assistant buyers, merchandise manager and merchandise planner. These positions are now open for the store in Pennsauken, New Jersey.

If you have interest in fashion, experience in retail industry, good analytical and communication skills, assistant buyer position may be suitable with you. In this position, you will be responsible for to assist buyers with marketing, stock analysis, product allotment, assortment planning, and distribution. Or you can apply for a merchandise manager for ladies off-price division. In this challenging position, you are in charge of planning sales, stock, and profit for this division. You are responsible to make your sales goals achieved by providing leadership and training.

You may be interested in another job that is merchandise planner. This job has more specific duty. As the name implies, you will work to plan merchandise with seasonal plans and assortment plans. Maintaining the plans is another task that a merchandise planner should carry out.

Distribution center careers

There are four positions available now in the distribution center namely material handlers, outbound materials handlers, part-time checkers, and part-time taggers. Material handles require a good psychical condition as you will constantly lift, bend, and walk on feet all day to work with wrapping cartoons. For those looking for part tome job, you can apply for taggers and checkers. Taggers are responsible for tagging ticket information to merchandise while checkers are in charge of verifying goods. In order to apply for these jobs or other jobs you should go to the applicant portal and create a new Forman Mills job application so you can sign in to the portal to process the application.


  1. Charlotte sawyer says:

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  3. qumaine weldon says:

    i really need a job so bad please help me and my kids.

  4. Marilyn says:

    I’m a team worker. Always on time.

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  6. i am a 48yr old woman with a lot of experience in desperate need of a job,im very out going and willing to work hard,I am a quick learner,but have good customer service,i was a shift supervisor at k.f.c for seven years,also i ran my own day care ,iwas also a home health aide,and worked several places doing customer service.

  7. Lashaunda Nicole Hawkins says:

    I need a job bad. I’m 18 with child, trying to move out of My mother’s house so I can start my own life.

  8. trying to find a part time job in forman mills as stock clerk, cashier, etc. but, i can’t seem to find the correct application or the correct website please help me with this very interested. Thank you.

  9. I really need a job if are can get help from you people’s are will be very happy for that

  10. robin hellman says:

    like to be a business planer for your corp office. in opening stgore in Valdosta,ga and florida too have exp. in thrift store please have mr Richard forman to email me asap.


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