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If you are looking for an interesting employment, you may find it through Citi Trends careers,  even you are just sixteen years old. So, Send Citi Trends job application, Although, you may not find printable Citi Trends job application form PDF for employment  that can be downloaded within the internet. But, you can easily apply Citi Trends careers opportunities by sending Citi Trends applications online.

Citi Trends is not just another fashion retailer chains in the United States, but also can be a good place to person that wanna to start a career in retailing industry.

Citi Trends Store - Citi Trends Job Application


The success story of Citi Trends can be traced back to more than a half decade ago, when not too long after the world war 2, Savannah Wholesale was established and sold primarily ladies hosiery and undergarments to mercantile stores throughout the southeast. Succeed with wholesaler, Savannah wholesale lead to the establishment of Allied Department Stores in 1958. And this department store was changing it name into Citi Trends in 2001.

Although City Trend is not as large as Walmart, but but Citi Trends  was having good enough reputation as a fashion retailer that were targeting urban, lower-income African American customers. Citi Trend is also a public company. currently Citi Trends has operated in more than 480 stores in 27 states. Thus, it’ not wondering if many of job seekers are trying to start Citi Trends careers by sending Citi Trends job application.

Citi Trends jobs

Available jobs at Citi Trends may vary depending on store location. You can apply Citi Trends jobs whether at Citi Trends headquarters in Savannah – Georgia, distribution center in Savannah – Georgia, in Darlington – South Carolina and in Roland – Oklahoma. As well as you can apply Citi Trends careers opportunities in the stores.

Commonly, available jobs at Citi Trends are including 1st Assistant Manager, 2nd Assistant Manager, Associate Buyer, Assistant Buyer, Buyer, DC Manager, Distribution Center – Packer (Seasonal), Distribution Center – Processor (Seasonal), Distribution Center – HR Administrative Assistant, Distribution Center – Material Handler (Seasonal), Distribution Center – Supervisor, District Manager, Key Holder, Loss Prevention Financial Analyst (Contract Position), Merchandise Handler, Packer, Processing Clerk, Human Resources Receptionist, Payroll Supervisor, Project Manager and Store Manager.

For further information about currently available jobs at Citi Trends you can follow link above.

Send Citi Trends Job Application

Citi Trends job application will lead you to begin Citi Trends careers. Therefore, if you are really having passion to work at Citi Trends, then you do not have to hesitate to send Citi Trends job application, although you may not find printable Citi Trends application form that you can downloaded within the internet, but Citi Trends has facilitated you by online application for applying Citi Trend jobs within Savannah – Georgia,  Atlanta Georgia, and Darlington – South Carolina. For other location, you should be patient, due to Citi Trends job application online for all other location outside above areas is under constructed. However, you can ask and send an application for Citi Trends jobs by sending email to


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    Would really like the opportunity to work in your store I have several years of retail experience and almost three years of management experience in a clothing store. Please give me a call and thank you for taking the time to read my post

    Denisa Scott (229) 237-4824

  8. shelly smith says:

    would really love the opportunity to work for you…

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