Ben Franklin Job Application for Craft Store Jobs

Company Overview

Although right now you cannot send Ben Franklin job application because there are no job openings at this moment, you can learn about the company first. Ben Franking Crafts & Frame Shop, as the name infers, is a retail store providing crafts products. The store is found in 1975 by the Taylor family. It is located in Monroe, Washington. The location, which is the hub of the city, is strategically reached by the costumers so like visiting this store.

As a big store in Washington, Ben Franklin is known as the center of crafts works. Many people from all ages go here. It is also because this store offers the best price and service for the costumers. Beside the craft and scrapbooking works that are sold, this store also offers weekly quilting and craftwork clubs. Ben Franklin is also committed to special events and craft classes for charity. It is really more than just a retail store. People working here will learn a lot just about anything that can develop their profession and develop themselves as a person. Ben Franklin jobs include positions like sales associates, customer services, store managers, and the like. Later, when this store opens new positions, you can be one of the applicants.

Expected Candidates

Ben Franklin job applicationis intended for those who have high integrity and honesty. This store also looks for employees who have self-motivation and creative. Employees are also expected to be able to work in team and build a close relationship with costumers. As a retail store in which visitors always come around every day, being communicative and helpful is very important.

No matter what your position is, interacting with costumers and other staff members is indeed a necessity. Professionalism is also another thing expected from the employees. This professionalism is obviously seen from the way the staffs dress up. There is a dress code and rules. All rules are written in the policy manuals for workers.

Most of the positions, especially those of store positions require good physical condition because the work requires lifting, carrying, and stairs. Besides, skills on math and logical thinking are needed required for all positions especially costumer services because they have to help customers working on their creative craft project. If you can fulfill these expectations, working at Ben Franklin is suitable for you.

About the Application Form

Job application is processed online. While waiting for the new open recruitment, you can download and learn the Ben Franklin application first. You can find the download link by searching at Google. The application for employment does not really different from standard form that you often fill out when applying for a job. In the first part, you are required to fill out personal information from names to position desired. In the second part, you should fill out your working availability specifically. Employment background is the third part of the form. Some positions prefer experienced workers to inexperienced ones. The last part of the form before you submit the Ben Franklin job applicationis the authorization and release.


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