Advance Auto Parts Application Online for Employement

Career Opportunity Overview

Advance Auto Parts application online is suitable for those who have interest in working at automotive company. As one of the leading companies in the United States, it really makes sense that the company has more than 3600 stores spread over 40 states. It is no wonder if Advance Auto Parts always looks for new team members although there have been over 55000 team members to run the stores and the business.

There are four divisions with many positions. Every position offers challenging responsibilities that can make you grow and excel mo matter what your field is.

Career Divisions

There are four areas of jobs. They are retail, commercial, corporate and logistics. Retail positions have responsibility to deliver the company mission to the clients, People working in this division is the frontline of the business. Meanwhile commercial positions deal with sales engine in which they should build relationship with customers and solidify partnerships. Meanwhile, corporate business positions provide what the company needs to keep running the business. The works deal with advertising cost projecting, legal, etc. The last divison, logistics, deals with parts of tools. Advance Auto Parts application online is accessible for all of these divisions. Find the most suitable area and try to drive your Advance Auto Parts careers to the next level.

Advance Auto Parts jobs - Advance Auto Parts application online

Advance Auto Parts Working Benefits

Advance Auto Parts demonstrate a commitment to the employees by delivering competitive benefits and reasonable comprehensive programs. The standards benefits are of course offered such as health care plan. This includes medical, dental, vision care, and the prescriptions drugs as well. In addition to the basic health care plan, employees are also offered optional care coverage. They are offered because the company really realizes that without good health, the employees will not be able to do good works. Apart from health benefits, 402(k) savings plan is also rewarded for those who are retired. It means that working at Advance Auto Part ensure you to get wealthy life in the future even when you no longer work here due to retirement.

There are still many other benefits of Advance Auto Parts job. Some kinds of insurance including the optional ones are offered such as those for accidental death, disability, spouse life, dependent child life, and many more. Since they are optional, employees are free to decide whether they want to take the benefits or not. Moreover, they also have a right for holiday pay and vacation time. The company really understands that working continuously along the year can lead to stress and fatigue. Therefore, these benefits are offered to give the employees space for themselves and their family to enjoy holiday. When they get back to work, they will get fresh and can do work better. Because Advance Auto Parts is an automotive retailer, the company gives discount for employees who are also team member of the store.

Furthermore, eligible employees can propose dependent scholarships to pursue higher education. If you want to experience these interesting benefits, submit your Advance Auto Parts application online now.


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