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Sears Jobs Application Online

The merger of Sears, Roebuck and Co., and Kmart Holdings Corporation can create a competitive retail conglomerate in the United States, beside the largest retail Walmart, Kroger, Target, etc. Combining footprint of Sears, Kmart, Lands’ End, the great Indoors, and other specialty stores, Sears Holdings Corporation has own and operated over 4000 stores in all fifty states within the U.S. as well as has already expanded into Guam, Puerto Rico, and also the Virgin Islands. As a retail conglomerate, S … [Continue Reading ....]

Bloom Job Application

Bloom Grocery store is medium level American grocery store chains that was established in 2004. This grocery store is part of The Delhaize Group, the parent company of Food Lion. Actually, Bloom was founded and developed based on customers' needs, expectations, and behaviors. As first batch,  Bloom grocery store was opened in five locations in Charlotte, North Carolina on May 26, 2004. Bloom grocery store must not different with other grocery store chain. There are always be job opportunities … [Continue Reading ....]

All About Motivation

How to Eliminate Boredom at work

How to Eliminate Boredom at Work

Doing same tasks for long time will make you will be boring. It's not good for you, as well as your friends.  When you bored, you will be easy to get angry and on the … [Read More...]

Edwin Locke Goal Setting Theory

Edwin Locke Goal Setting Theory

Goal setting for an employee in specific work situations is very important. By setting goals and intentions, an employee can step up a career ladder faster. Therefore, … [Read More...]

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Best Buy Logo - Best Buy applications online

Best Buy Application for Employment

Best Buy is an America based electronics retail giant that previously named as Sound of Music. The success story of Best Buys can be traced back into 1966 when Richard M. Schulze … [Read More...]